Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Fine Jewelry and Coin Liquidator will not sell or rent your personal information to any outside third parties without your consent. In order to protect your privacy, the information you provide when registering for the site or event, placing a bid, or requesting information or services is used only for those purposes. Fine Jewelry and Coin Liquidator does not share this information with outside third parties, except for verification purposes or to further assist you with your request. We use many safeguards to protect your information and privacy, including the use of secure servers, the encryption of sensitive data, and other electronic protection measures as appropriate.

Data Retrieval

Briefly, all users are guaranteed the right to peruse our site without divulgence of personal information. Upon divulgence of personal information, anonymity is dismissed. Agreement to the privacy policy, upon dismissal of anonymity, may require disclosure of identity, identity relating to identity, and other personal data. We identify REQUIRED data versus NON-REQUIRED by clearing labeling data boxes with said terms. All required and non-required information are optional. The collection of retrieved data is done via “cookies” (small files uploaded onto your computer’s temporary memory files, which can be removed easily).

Data Transfer

All information shared is done only if: deemed necessary; required by law; in compliance with a current judicial proceeding; or court ordered. We may exchange consensually disclosed information inputted by the user with outside parties for the purpose of business (direct mail, telemarketing, or email-marketing).

Approval/ Non Approval

All users’ have the right to “opt-out.” If you choose to “opt-out” of any data transference for the purpose of business, you may do so by simply visiting our “unsubscribe” located within our marketing material. Simply follow the given instructions for ending the disclosure / relations or email “UNSUBSCRIBE” to


Embedded in our sites are links to other sites not owned or maintained by Fine Jewelry and Coin Liquidator We hold no responsibility to you the user once you leave our site. These sites are not held to our privacy policy and therefore you visit at your own digression.


Constant supervision, maintenance, and updating are provided to ensure that all data given (personal / non personal) is protected under federal and state regulatory guidelines.

Do Not Call Policy

Fine Jewelry and Coin Liquidator follows and upholds all guidelines put in place by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). All information regarding this policy is available through contact with the FCC, or through contact with our customer service specialists.

Privacy Notice Changes

All rights are reserved to alter our privacy notice. Any changes may be obtained through contact via our customer services.

Quote / Pricing Disclaimer

All information given / displayed is solely general information not financial, legal or professional advice. No liability will be placed upon Fine Jewelry and Coin Liquidator for damages or losses that may / can arise from accessing our site. All information given on our site is carefully maintained and updated. But we accept no liability for errors, omissions, content-completeness, or user error. Any discrepancies will be dealt with accordingly per each company’s set arbitration policy. All data will be understood to be “as-is.” This means no warranties will be given for any business set forth by the user. No liability will be placed upon Fine Jewelry and Coin Liquidator for user-error in interpretation and application of given data and provided business. If you have any questions, please access our contact us page.

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